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We have a brand new Instagram account, which will share amazing images of rehearsals, shows and all the fun behind the scenes! If you have Instagram and want to see more then please follow us! Our user name is: platformtheatre. Please follow and like our Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts which are linked below on the website.

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Drugs and Driving Project

Level 3 Acting Project for Norfolk County Council

Acting allows you to live other people’s lives without having to pay the price. Second year Level 3 actors are currently experiencing this through a project for Norfolk County Council, illustrating the devastating consequences of drugs and driving. The actors want to create a powerful piece, which will be toured around schools in the County, to give this message to students.

The story so far...

The Story So Far

So far Platform has hosted a variety of shows in this season. a music gig, Musical Theatre and Dance showcase, and several acting shows. 

These shows gave the performers a chance to show off their wonderful talents. On the other hand presenting these shows, gives the Production Arts team a chance to put their skills into practice.