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Drugs and Driving Project

Level 3 Acting Project for Norfolk County Council

Acting allows you to live other people’s lives without having to pay the price. Second year Level 3 actors are currently experiencing this through a project for Norfolk County Council, illustrating the devastating consequences of drugs and driving. The actors want to create a powerful piece, which will be toured around schools in the County, to give this message to students.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Norfolk County Council for funding this whole project and having so much faith and confidence in the Performing Arts team to produce a great project. The Council have been running the project with City College for a number of years now and have had success every year and even won an award, which we hope to repeat! Never the less, we are truly grateful to have this wonderful opportunity given to us for another year.  

So far, the actors have had some really emotional and powerful meetings with extraordinary people who have been affected by road traffic accidents either through their profession or their personal circumstances. We want to thank everyone who came in to talk about their difficult times and share their memories. The actors were truly moved by the whole experience.

Following on from that, the actors have started developing their first ideas to show to the Council. This consisted of an abstract montage involving a haunting collage of words and some darkly humourous drug taking scenes featuring the EastEnders theme tune.

The actors’ main goal is to make the audience stop and think about the choices they may make in life. They are looking forward to the journey and are going to face some self-realisations throughout the course of the process.