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The story so far...

The Story So Far

So far Platform has hosted a variety of shows in this season. a music gig, Musical Theatre and Dance showcase, and several acting shows. 

These shows gave the performers a chance to show off their wonderful talents. On the other hand presenting these shows, gives the Production Arts team a chance to put their skills into practice.

Within each show so far this season there has been distinct stages for the team. Firstly set up the theatre for the show. This includes all of the technical equipment and the theatre space itself. Especially for the music gig, the team had to transform the theatre into music venue, installing the lighting and the sound system. 

Next involves the process of running through the show, programming, designing. Lighting teams will design the lighting states, the sound team will mix the sound inputs and effects and the stage team will organise the performers and the set on stage. You can see an example of this in the video. The video is time lapse, produced by Connor a Production Arts student, of the show, the story so far. 

During the show the production team will operate the technical equipment and ensure the show runs smoothly.

The Production Arts team and the performing arts team work closely together to produce the wide variety of shows. These opportunities provide great experiences and chance to improve. Now they look to plan for the Christmas  season of shows which has the same wide variety. 

You can find all the Christmas shows on the Shows Page on the website.